Are you Celebrating your Accomplishments?

Everyone has accomplished something whether they realize it or not.

My accomplishments include starting this blog and using my planners to schedule my time.

 We all have accomplishments both big and small in our lives.  Often we don’t recognize our own accomplishments.  We are living such busy and hectic days that we just go from one thing to another.  We don’t celebrate our small victories, our small accomplishments.  We are too busy trying to get the next thing done to stop and realize how great it was to accomplish something we set out to do.

We often have larger accomplishments that we dismiss because they aren’t are as large or as glorious as the accomplishments of others.  We may not even share these accomplishments because they don’t seem large enough to us.  You need to celebrate these accomplishments.  Shout them to the world if you are comfortable doing that, but at least tell your best friend.  Have you read a book a week this year?  Did you stick to your plan of having bible study every morning this month?  Did you complete the online course you started?  Did your kids go to school spic and span with homemade lunches everyday this week?  Did you finish the laundry?  Celebrate your victories.

What about in your past?  What were you able to accomplish?  Did you finish college with a high GPA?  Did you volunteer during high school?  Did you make homemade cakes for your kids’ birthdays?  What have you done in your life that you are proud of accomplishing?  Make a list.  Have a celebration!  Be proud of who you are and what you have done.

You may not have accomplished everything you thought you would by this time in your life, but you know what?  You still have time.  It’s never too late.  Celebrate what you have accomplished and plan what you want to accomplish next.  Each small victory, each small accomplishment adds to the next one enabling you to accomplish big things one small step at a time.  

What have you accomplished?  What are you proud of?  Tell me at #HappyHealthyLife.



I'm a blogger, entrepreneur and lover of good food and indie romance novels. Join me as I create a journey to the life of my dreams.

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