Are you Doing Important Work?

I attended Christy Wright’s Business Boutique this past Friday and Saturday.  As I drove home I thought, “Wow!  God must have really important work for me to do.”  

Why did I think that?  It wasn’t because I felt self important.  I didn’t I just felt tired.  It was because of the string of events that happened while I was traveling to Ft Worth and while I was in Ft. Worth.  In my post Monday I used an image of an intersection.  My purpose in taking that picture was to make sure I could find my way back to the parking garage without getting lost.  To say that I’m directionally challenged is putting it mildly.  I have NO sense of direction.  I’m the person who turns the paper map in the direction I’m going so I don’t get confused.  Do people even use paper maps anymore?  

On the way to Ft. Worth I made the mistake of not printing paper instructions and relying solely on Google Maps.  I made it three quarters of the way into my 2 hour journey without any problem.  That last 30 minutes?  It took me 2 hours.  I think the whole problem started when I lost GPS and took I-35 instead of I-30.  That’s an honest mistake right?  Why do they have two closely named interstates so close together?  Anyway I FINALLY made it to my hotel.  I know what you are thinking.  I did stop and ask directions.  I did pull over and consult the map on my phone.  I did say I was directionally challenged, didn’t I?

So I finally made it to my hotel.  I’m filling out the paperwork because the credit card machine was down.  The nice gentleman asks me to initial a spot about smoking in the room.  I told him surely this didn’t apply to me, I booked a non-smoking room.  “Wellll,” he answered.  “It’s kind of a non-smoking room.”  How can a room only be “kind of” non-smoking?  

He went on to tell me it was the last room he had.  Did I want him to try and find me another hotel room?  With visions of being forever lost in the dark driving around Ft. Worth dancing in my head I told him I would take the room.  There was no “kind of” about it.  It was definitely a smoking room.  But for some reason the closet smelled clean.  I put all of my clothes and bags in the closet and hoped for the best.

Before I left home I made arrangements to carpool with someone to the conference.  Knowing my limitations I was trying to play it safe and let someone else drive.  That fell through.  So I gathered my courage and left early, directions to a parking garage in hand.  I never did find that parking garage.  I did however come to a dead end at the garage I parked in.  It was a valet garage.  Great I thought.  Parking garages creep me out.  I don’t know who designed them but they need lights!!!  

Anyway, I drive an older car.  One I paid for in cash for you Dave Ramsey fans and it has automatic lights.  These lights work perfectly fine as long as you don’t mess with the buttons.  I forgot to let the parking attend know not to touch the lights and being the kind person he was he pushed all the buttons trying to get my lights to turn off.  When I got back in my car that afternoon I hear ding ding ding.  That’s a bad sound.  It means someone did something to the lights.  So I start pressing on the buttons to undo what he had done.  The ding ding ding goes away so I think I’m all good.  I make my way back to the hotel and crash for the night.

The next morning I leave my hotel room at 6:45 so I can make the 15 minute drive and find my parking garage and make it to the 8:30 start on time.  I don’t want to be late and miss something.  I hit the trunk button on my key chain and nothing happens.  I decide not to panic.  I open the trunk with my key and put my stuff down.  I open the car door with my key still being hopeful that my battery in my key chain is dead.  

No it’s my car battery.  Still not panicking I call my husband who is 2 hours away.  I’m told to call roadside assistance.  Now I don’t know if you have ever called for roadside assistance but they are not the fastest people in the world.  I’m thinking worse case scenario I’ll go inside and call a taxi because I am not missing this conference.  

I get out of my car and notice all of the construction trucks in the parking lot.  Surely they can jump me off.  I open my trunk only to find no jumper cables.  Looking around I spy a nice kind looking man.  I stalk him as he walks to his truck.  I say excuse me about fives times before he hears me.  I ask if he has any jumper cables.  He doesn’t.  

Okay I think walking back to my car, a taxi it is.  “Wait a minute,” he calls out.  “I may have a jump box in my tool box.”  Waiting patiently and praying I waited while he tried about 20 different keys.  Finally success.  And what did we find inside the tool box?  A jump box.  Yeah!!!  I did keep my composure and didn’t start jumping up and down.  

Ten minutes later after several phone calls to my husband, finding out the battery was under the backseat and that my car had a hot point to jump it off I was headed off to the convention.  It’s a good thing I decided to leave early!  

Persistence pays off.  The tools, tips and advice I learned during the workshops and interviews more than made up for the stress of my adventures.  And I will tell you I gave you the condensed version.  So as I finally made it to Dallas on my way home and to roads I was familiar driving, I thought to myself, God must have really important work for me to do.  Rock after rock and stone after stone were put in my path but I persevered.  I fought through my fear and I did it anyway.  Sometimes you have to show that you are ready, that you are willing to go the extra mile.  That you are willing to do the work.  That you will do the work.  For you see at 3:30 am Sunday morning I woke up with my very best idea ever.

My husband thought I was a crazy person scribbling in my notebook at 3:30 in the morning, but I couldn’t let my ideas slip away.  I wanted to make sure I remembered them in the morning. 

And as I was walking into work this morning I thought, I do have important work to do.  I have God’s Business to do.

So I ask you again.  Are you Doing Important Work?  Are you working for GOD?  Please take a minute and think about that. Because if you aren’t, why not?



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