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Blog Post Bounty

Do you recognize when abundance is being poured on you?


Yesterday I received what I am calling Blog Post Bounty.  About six am Saturday morning I was puttering around getting ready for my day.  I hadn’t planned on working on my blog.  My plan was to start a deep clean on my kitchen.  I had a blog post idea come to mind.  So I sat down and wrote it down in a tablet I keep by my bedside.  And then I had another idea and another idea.  I just kept writing them down.  I didn’t pull out my computer to write a post I just captured the ideas.  


bountyWhile I was eating breakfast a little later I had the thought, “I just received blog post bounty!”  I didn’t know what to do with the idea at the time so I just captured that one phrase.  

I guess it had time to percolate over night.  

When I was starting my day this morning I wondered if anyone else received abundance or overwhelming bounty in their lives.  

Do you receive overwhelming bounty or abundance in your life?

How do you recognize this event?

I guess a writer would say their muse has visited.  As you go through your days inputting information your brain unconsciously applies that knowledge to whatever you are working on or thinking about.  

At one point I decided to cut my hair.  All of a sudden I saw cute short haircuts everywhere.  

Your brain has to filter what you actually pay attention to.  There is so much information you can’t notice everything.  Your brain makes you aware of anything pertinent to what you are currently working on, even if it’s just a haircut.

If you find yourself in a situation of bounty be aware and thankful for the wonderful gift you have received.  Capture the ideas and use them to the best of your ability.  

I am not capturing the ideas like a hoarder thinking I will never get ideas this great again.  No I am capturing ideas so I can mold them and release them to share with the world.  

The best way to assure you have more bounty and abundance in your life is to share what you have with the world.  

So go forth and share what you have been given.  That’s why it was given to you!

What gifts of bounty and abundance have been given to you?

Let me know in the comments below.

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