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Take What God Gives You

Are you really listening to what God and the Universe is trying to tell you?

I was lying in bed this morning feeling kind of down and praying really hard for God to help me on this path.

I got out of bed and started straightening the covers — then I had an idea for an e-course that would be fun to create.  So I grabbed a pad and pen and wrote it down.  Then I had the idea for a blog post so I wrote that down.  Then I had an idea for this blog post so I wrote it down. This all happened in the space of about 30 minutes.

When I searched for a picture the perfect one appeared on the first page.  This took about 30 seconds.  

If you know what you want and you earnestly ask God for help he will help — you just have to listen.  You have to take what god gives and run with it.  Your ideas are nothing if they just sit in your notes.  You must act and you must act now.

Find your destination.  Change your life.

What ideas has God given you?  How are you going to run with them?

Tell me in the comments below.


What does SUCCESS mean to you?  How do you define SUCCESS in Your Life?

We are bombarded with so many images of success today.  Pictures of fancy cars and flashy watches.  Pictures of big parties and lots of people.  Pictures of stylish women in suits and heels.  The pictures of success on TV and in movies all seem to portray the same type of person as successful.  To be successful you have to be very wealthy and have a jet set lifestyle.  

That’s fine if that is what you really want.  

But what if that isn’t want you want?

Many of us want to be owners of our own businesses.  When I picture my business it’s not a huge corporation with hundreds of employees.  It’s a small business run from home with help of just a few people.  I don’t want the headache of dealing with hundreds of people.  I like calm.  I like quiet.  I don’t like dealing with lots of people.  I like to write.  I like to design.  

I want to run my small business from my home.  I want enough time to enjoy my flowers and chickens.  I don’t care if I’m a millionaire.  I want my own business to give me the freedom of time.  The freedom to chose what to do with my time.  The freedom of having control over my time.  The freedom of choice in how I choose to use my time.  That defines success to me.  

I will be successful if I don’t have to worry about paying my bills.  I will be successful when I know I can take off at any time and spend a week at the beach with my family without worry.  

I want to have time to work in my garden and cook awesome food.  I want a low stress natural lifestyle.  I know that is what’s right for me and what will make me happy.

So how do you define SUCCESS?  What do you really want in life?  How do you want to spend your time?  What will make you happy?

These are all things you need to consider as you plan your dream life.  As you plan the next step in your journey.  As you make your own roadmap.  What destination will allow you to live the life of your dreams?  What destination will allow you to live a successful life as YOU define it?

What does success mean to you?  What does that look like?  Write it down.  Create a picture collage.  Create a pinterest board.  Keep that image fresh in your mind.  

You don’t want to work hard for years getting to a place of success as others define it only to find that you hate your life.  Define success for yourself and go for it.  Make it happen.  Take the steps now to live the life that you want.  On your own terms.  Take control of your life and be the success that you want to be.

What does SUCCESS look like to you?

Let me know in the comments below.

Stones in the Road

What does the path of your life look like?

Are There Stones in your Road?

It’s a funny thing when you start a journey.  You never truly know if it’s the right journey until you take a few steps.  You never know how big the stones are in the road or what magically gifts you will be given along the way.  

If you are on the right path there will be little stones in the path.  Stones just big enough to ensure you meet some resistance but you can veer your course slightly and carry on.  These little stones might be people talking to you when you are trying to write blog posts (this is my life) or the phone ringing just when you thought of a great idea (ignore the phone and write down the idea).

If you are on the wrong path these stones are more like boulders.  If something can happen it will.  Murphy visits you regularly.  If you constantly have things going wrong in your life, you are doing something wrong.  Murphy has visited my life many times over the years.  I speak from experience.

Let me tell you why I think I’m on the right path now and what that looks and feels like.  

Even though it is hard work, it is fantastic and fun.  

I can’t wait to go to work.  I make sure I schedule my time so I can work.  

It makes me happy inside.  I get a smile on my face just thinking about all things I can create.     

How did all of this come about?  

One night I was thinking about my life.  I’ve started several blogs and they have been all about different but specific topics like the one I started about baking.  My interests are pretty diverse and I was trying to decide which topic I should pursue.  What I loved the most.  I had been trying to blog about a topic that I knew was good in my head, even though I knew in my heart it wasn’t the right thing. 

And I finally figured it out.  I can write about all of them.  I’ll start a lifestyle blog.  

And that’s where it all started.

I would include all of the pieces of me instead of trying to choose just one.  

With this new idea action was happening.  Energy was flowing.

I had lots and lots of ideas.  I could hardly keep up with capturing them all. 

I mentioned this idea of combining all my interests into a lifestyle blog to my mom.  And my mom mentioned it to my brother.  My brother is a YouTuber.  (He is at T-Roy Cooks and grills some great food if you are interested.)  He just happened to have the camera that he started with and wanted to know if I could use it.  And just like that I could shoot high quality videos and photos.

That was the universal telling me to keep going.  I mean really does that sort of thing just happen in your life?  

If not, why not?  

And the universe just kept giving.  I found awesome books to read.  I happened across podcasts where I learned great ideas.  This abundance of knowledge and ideas just poured into my life.

I felt like I had finally found my one thing.

So I am traveling down my path and creating my roadmap.  I’m veering around or kicking the little stones out of my way.  I’m on my journey and I want you to be on yours.  

Where are you in your journey?

Tell me below in the comments.



I See Dead People

What do you see?

Okay I don’t really see dead people.  But I do see other things.  I see IDEAS.  I see potential BUSINESSES.  It’s kind of weird.  I was working and thinking about this the other day.  Maybe that’s my magic power.  The power to see potential that others can’t see themselves.  I see people and talk to them and have all these ideas in my head about careers they could have and businesses they could start.  Things they could create.  Sometimes I even say them out loud.  Most people don’t know how to take that.

I think all they can see for the rest of their lives is working 40 hours weeks, squeezing in vacations if they can, running their kids back and forth to activities and retiring as soon as they are able.  Then they can live the good life and do what they want.  

And that is their reality.

I can see more.

I don’t know about you but I want the good life now.  I want to spend my days working on my projects and planning my awesome getaways.  Living in my dream house and working in my dream office.

I can see it.  I can see myself living this life.  Don’t other people see it?  Do you see more for your life?

Now we come to my problem.  What I haven’t up until this time been able to see is how to make my dreams and ideal life a reality.

I am on my 10th business if you count the blogs I’ve started.  Half of these businesses were my husband’s dreams or wishes that I helped him pursue.  And most of those businesses included me working in them.  Hard physical work that was exhausting.  Can I tell you that is not the way to make money?  Just trust me and don’t.  Not unless you have a kickass scalable business model that will get you out of the physical labor quickly.  If not, that is not a business it’s a job.  You may be working for yourself but if the business doesn’t make much money and you are the one doing all of the work, it’s a job.  This was a hard lesson and one it took me many years to learn.

I had to use the examples of business that I knew.  Both my parents and grandmother were small business owners.  They all worked their butts off to make money.  I thought that’s what you did.  So that’s what I did.  And it may have been the way many years ago but it’s not the way today.

Today we can create money with our ideas.  And I really do mean create.  With the resources and tools we have available today and often for free, there is no reason you can’t create money with your ideas.  I have a hard time believing people just don’t see the opportunities in front of them.

After much soul searching I finally see my dream business, my ultimate life.  It’s taken me a long to time, too long really to figure it out.  But I finally see what I can do to help women in the world and help me too.

And do you know what it took for me to see this vision?  It took me deciding I had enough of my life.  It took me deciding I was going to do something even if it was wrong.  

So I decided to start this blog.

I love to write and hopefully wonderful people like you will enjoy reading what I have written.  I love to share ideas.  

I love to talk business and great food.  

I love to hear about the interesting things people doing in their life and I love to cheer them on.

I thought it was going to be a lifestyle blog but my idea has morphed and grown.  

Now I want it to be a haven.  A haven for women wanting to create their dream life.  

I want to share the behind the scenes.  The not so pretty stuff and the great wins.  I want you to see what I’m doing so hopefully you are inspired to get up and do something for yourself.

Because you have to do it for yourself.  You are the only one who can.

So what is your dream?  What do you want in your life?

Tell me in the comments below.