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Zen People

Do you ever see those people who look like they love their lives?  Like they are where they are supposed to be doing what they are supposed to be doing?  The ones that are always happy and always have a smile on their face?  I call these Zen People.

Zen People

More and more I notice people I meet or see that have an aura of “zenness” surrounding them.  Maybe I notice them because that’s what I want for my life or maybe more and more people are figuring out what they want in their lives.  No matter the reason I see this as a goal to reach towards.  I want to know I am living the life I was meant to live and doing what I was meant to do.


I think this zenness is really contentment.  These people are content with their lives and certain they are on the right path heading towards the right destination.  They have room in their lives.  Room for awesome activities.  Room for friends.  Room for new experiences.  They are not stressed running from one activity to another.  They are not filling their lives with stuff and busyness.  They have found balance in their lives.  They have learned to say no to the bs that often fills our lives and yes to the things they always dreamed of doing.

I know that I can’t compare myself to them.  I don’t know how they live their lives or the stress they are truly under.  I know that I can only build the best life for me.  The life I want to live.  The dreams I want to build.  I know I can only be me.


So how do you know that you are living the life you are meant to live?  How do you know you are doing what you are meant to do?

  1. You have to start where you are.  There is no other place you can start.
  2. You have to evaluate your current life.  What is working for you and what isn’t?
  3. You have to remember what you have reaped.  What have you accomplished so far in your life?
  4. You have to figure out your priorities and values.  Don’t worry about everyone else just think about you and your life.
  5. You have to look at how you are currently spending your time.  Are you spending your time on the activities you actually want to spend time on?

So now that the New Year’s hoopla is over and the resolution mania has past it’s time to sit down and figure out what you really want for your life.  

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A Clean Slate

How do you create a Happy Healthy Life?

If you aren’t living the life you want to live then rejoice.  Today is a new day.

A beautiful sunrise is an awesome sight.

Each day gives you a clean slate.  A new morning to start again.  Right where you are.

This is especially true after reaching major milestones in life but quite frankly any new day will do.  Each New Year, each birthday, the beginning of each new chapter in our life gives us a blank slate to create the life we want.  And while milestones are important and often are impetus for change any day will do.

If you’ve decided to make a change in your life.  What do you do?

When I decided to make a change in my diet a four years ago I started by giving up wheat.  I know bread is the staff of life but eating it doesn’t help get rid of the love handles.  So I stopped eating it for that and allergy related reasons.  That one change led to other changes.  I then gave up the processed gluten free products.  These really aren’t good for you.  Take a look at the labels.  Then I gave up grains all together except for rice.  Tortillas are a must if you are eating Mexican food.  Which I eat.  A lot.  So I make do with toasty rice tortilla goodness.  

If you want to make a change in your life start with one small item and then build on it.  That is what I do in my life and it really seems to work.

If you want a Happy Healthy Life you have to make small changes one at a time.  These all build up like pennies in the piggy bank.  Each on its own not significant but together they can be worth a lot.

Pick a starting point.  Pick a point that is causing you pain in your life and make one small change for the better.  

This can be a change for your health, a change in your relationships, a change in your money management or a change in your attitude.  It just needs to be a change you make that will make your life better.  

Remember you can’t change other people you can only change yourself.

It doesn’t matter if no one supports you.  It doesn’t matter if no one understands.  You are doing this for you.  Stick to your guns. Once you have conquered that small change then make another and then another building on your success and momentum.

What change will you make today?

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Have you ever looked at what someone else is doing and thought, “Wow!  That’s a great idea.  I need to do that.”

It’s okay if you see a great idea and think that you would like to try it.    

Just remember trying on an idea is like trying on clothes.  Not all ideas will fit right.  Some will pinch and be too tight.  And some will fit like they are tailored just for you.

I love to watch planning videos and I was trying to figure out why everyone seems to have five different planners or why they were always trying something new.  In the planner world this is called planner peace.  It’s an elusive beast that many are trying to find.  The combination of the perfect tools and the perfect system to help keep up with our busy lives.

Just like my planner friends, if the ideas don’t fit toss them or tweak them until they do fit.  Make sure to hang onto those that fit just right.  They were waiting for the right time to come into your life and you won’t know how you lived without them.

And while you shouldn’t be afraid to try new ideas, don’t try them at the expense of what you are already doing.  The things you are already trying.

Also keep in mind that life changes.  Don’t hold onto old tired ideas if something better appears.  As your life changes so do your needs.  An idea that used to fit perfectly may now hang useless in your life, only hanging on from habit.

Take a good look at your life.  Keep the ideas that are working.  Toss the ideas that aren’t.  And always be on the lookout for the ideas that will be perfect for this time in your life.

What new ideas are you trying?

Let me know in the comments below.



What are you willing to give up to get what you want?

“For everything you gain there’s something lost.”

I was driving home the other day and was scanning the radio stations.  Somehow I ended up on classic country radio.  The song that was playing was “All that Glitters is not Gold.”  One particular verse stood out to me.  “For everything you gain there’s something lost.”  

I was hit with the truth of that verse.  In this world you can do anything that you want to do.  But you can’t do everything you want to do.  You just don’t have time.  A sacrifice has to be made somewhere.

As I sit writing this today my sacrifice is spending a few hours with my family.  I have to decide if the sacrifice is worth it.  I have to decide how to allocate my most precious commodity.  I have to decide how I am going to spend my time.

Any time I spend on one project is time I can’t spend on another.  

Anytime you think it’s okay to do something because it will just take a few minutes decide if that’s really how you want to spend your time.

Time is the most precious resource any of us have.  Every one of us has a finite amount and we have to decide how to spend it.

What changes can you make in how you spend your time?

Let me know in the comments below.