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When you look at another person how do you perceive them?  

Are you judging them without knowing all the facts?

We live in a society of comparison.  We look at other people and measure them against ourselves.  We want to be able to say that we are better.

We look at what other people know or what we think they know and are happy if we think they aren’t as smart or as good at something as we are.  We are happy when we point something they are thinking or doing wrong.

Why do we do this?

Is it so important that we are the best at something?  Or that we know the most?

What if you are wrong in your perception?

You may just be making yourself look bad in another’s eyes.

You should stop and change your perspective.

Put yourself in another person’s shoes.  They have had a different life.  They have had different experiences.

What could you learn from what they know?

If you find what you perceive as a deficiency in someone then take the time to talk with them.  Find out what their experience is with the subject.

Maybe you can help them or maybe you will find out they know a lot more than you think.

We often don’t take the time to listen to what others think.  To listen to their perspective in life.  

I find it great fun to talk to other people about their passions and hobbies.  I never know when I will learn something new.  Something I can use to make my life better.

Find those quiet people in your life.  The ones that aren’t falling all over themselves trying to tell you how to live your life.  

Find those people and ask them questions.  Find out how they perceive life.  What is their perspective?

You just might find a new perspective for your life.

And if nothing else I’m sure you’ll learn something.  Even if it’s not to just a book by it’s cover or not to judge a person on what you think you know about them.

What perspectives do you need to change in your life?

Let me know in the comments below.

Take What God Gives You

Are you really listening to what God and the Universe is trying to tell you?

I was lying in bed this morning feeling kind of down and praying really hard for God to help me on this path.

I got out of bed and started straightening the covers — then I had an idea for an e-course that would be fun to create.  So I grabbed a pad and pen and wrote it down.  Then I had the idea for a blog post so I wrote that down.  Then I had an idea for this blog post so I wrote it down. This all happened in the space of about 30 minutes.

When I searched for a picture the perfect one appeared on the first page.  This took about 30 seconds.  

If you know what you want and you earnestly ask God for help he will help — you just have to listen.  You have to take what god gives and run with it.  Your ideas are nothing if they just sit in your notes.  You must act and you must act now.

Find your destination.  Change your life.

What ideas has God given you?  How are you going to run with them?

Tell me in the comments below.

Aligning Future Me With Me Now

Are you living in the FUTURE or are you living in the NOW?

Live and Love Today. You may not get tomorrow.

I have this habit of thinking about what I want in my life and then thinking “In the future I’m going to have, do, be etc” whatever it is that I’m thinking about.  I realized that I need to align me NOW with FUTURE me.

If there is something I want to have or do or be in the future I need to work on it NOW.  It is not just going to materialize because I want it to.  

When I started thinking about this website I knew what I wanted it to look like.  I had it all planned out in my mind.  I found the perfect theme to use.  The only problem?  It was a premium theme and I didn’t have the money to buy it.  I kept thinking, “Next month I’ll have the money to purchase my theme, next pay period that will be the first thing I buy.”  But you know how real life or in this case teenagers interfere with mom’s plans.  I just decided enough.  I’ll find something that will work.  So that is what I did.  I found a theme that is free.  I googled how to customize it.  I put in the work.  I had a plan of action.

Is it perfect?  No.  Is it exactly what I had in my mind?  No.  But do I have a website?  Yes.  Can I put my content out into the world for fabulous people like you?  YES!  

Don’t let perfection stop you.  Don’t let not having what you think you need stop you.  Just start where you are.  Start with what you have and what you can do and build from there.  

You have to put in the work.  You have to have a plan.  The time is now.

What do you keep putting off for the future?  What can you start on now?

Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t Take a Backseat

Who is driving your life?  Are you taking a backseat and allowing others to tell you what to do or are you firmly in command and in the driver’s seat, hands on the wheel?

I’ve always gone through my life thinking that I didn’t know enough.  That I wasn’t an “expert” at something so I should listen to other people.  Some of the best advice I was ever given was from my Economics professor.  Dr. Kane.  He told me, “You can’t know everything,”  Simple right?  I think he’s the only person in my life that recognized my issue with this problem.  I’ve always been told I was smart and to me being smart meant that I knew all the answers.  Looking back I think this all started about 4th grade.

It’s funny how the things you think can affect you and really hold you back.

The older I get the more I realize what wise advice I was given.  So I want to share that advice with you.  “You can’t know everything!”  No one can.  But you can start where you are and create sheer awesomeness.  

So what’s holding you back?

Tell me in the comments below.

The Resistance

Is the resistance alive and well in Your Life?  Are you fighting ever step of the way to make changes in Your Life?



Resistance is very strong in times of change.  People don’t like change.  Even if you personally want to change you will have to overcome resistance.  You will be working against the forces of past habits.  You will also be working against outside forces.  The forces of your friends and family who don’t want you to change.  

People don’t want you to change because then they have to look at themselves and their lives and see if they need to change too.  Most people are too lazy to do this introspection.  It’s easier for them to just discount your ideas and to try to rain on your parade than to take a good look at themselves.  

So when you find those rare people.  Those people who will be a cheerleader in your corner.  Those people who’ll hold your hand as you take the scary steps — you hold onto to those people with both hands.  They are rare and shining gems in this world and you are lucky to have them in your life.  

Protect and cherish those gems so they will continue to shine in the world to help defeat the resistance.