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Before 5am

Create Your Perfect Morning Routine

How many of you have read about morning routines and thought, “Wow that would be great?”  How many of you have tried and failed to create the perfect morning routine?


Before 5am.  I am really struggling with the morning power hour and getting up before 5am.  I don’t know about you but during the weekdays this doesn’t fit neatly into my life.   I tried this, I really did.

I gave this my best effort.  I laid my clothes out the night before and had everything set-up at my desk.  I had my five minute journal all set to go and a motivational video I was watching queued on my kindle.

I got up just before 5am and lit my candle.  I pulled out my five minute journal with a smile on my face.  I could do this, I really could.

So 15 minutes later my husband wanders out of the bedroom.  “What are you doing?”, he asks.  I told him I was writing in my journal.  “What are you writing about?”  “Motivational stuff,” I said.

And I know what you are thinking.  Yes in fact I had discussed that I wanted to get up earlier with my husband and I told him why.

The next morning it was “I miss you.  Why aren’t you in bed?’  This continued day after day leaving me and my husband frustrated.  

My husband wanted to spend time and talk with me.  I really do understand this and if you are a busy mom you will too.  I don’t get enough time to spend alone just talking with my husband.

But I wanted to spend the time on my projects.  What’s a mom to do?

I told you about this so you would know — not everyone is going to think that your power hour is great.  Not everyone will work with your schedule.  You may have to work around theirs.  You may not be able to fit the “perfect” before 5am power hour in your schedule, but you need to find the time somewhere.

No one is going to give you your dreams.  You are going to have to work for them.  And to work for them you are going to have to find the time somewhere even if it is only in 15 minute stretches.

So where do I find the time?  

I take it wherever I can get it.  

I leave 5 or 10 minutes early in the morning and journal in my car when I get to work.  

I journal while my husband is in the shower and my daughter is getting dressed.  

I keep a tablet with me at all times and write down blog ideas and whole posts if I have the time.  

I have breaks at work so I write then.  

I bring my lunch to work so I have 15 to 30 minutes at lunchtime I can read, write or plan.  

I take 5 or 10 minutes in my car at the end of the day.  

I encourage my people to have activities outside of the house for my benefit and theirs.  

As I write this I have meat cooking on the stove with a timer set so I won’t forget to stir it.  My husband is at the gym and my daughter is at her grandma’s house.  I have blessed peace and quiet for at least a little while.

So figure it out.  Don’t make excuses.  See where you can find little or big snatches of time during the week.

This works a little differently on the weekends.  My husband and daughter like to sleep in.  I usually can get at least 30 minutes of journaling done with my candle lit watching the sunrise outside my window.  If I’m lucky I can get more time.  So I prepare for the best case scenario and take life as it comes.

I do try to get as much work done on the weekends as I can.  I shoot videos and schedule blog posts.  I read books while I’m soaking in the tub.  I think and plan before I fall asleep and wake up energized and ready to work the next morning.

Like me you may not have the “perfect” morning routine according to what the experts tell us we should have. But I have noticed that most of those experts are men.  And I’m assuming that their wife is taking care of the kids in the morning and squeezing her personal work time in where she can.  

Where do you squeeze in time for your personal projects?

Tell me in the comments below.