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You Don’t Have to be OCD to Get Things Done

Have you ever wondered how successful people get things done?  How they accomplish all of their big goals and dreams and still go to the gym?

I used to wonder this all the time.  I would see this gorgeous woman with her hair done, her nails done, dressed cutely walking down the street with a smile on her face.  I was more like throw my hair in a ponytail, put on a five minute face, grab the least wrinkly thing and pray for some caffeine.  I can’t be the only one can I?  I can’t be the only one who wonders how in the world do they get it all done?  How in the world can they look great, be happy and be on time?

Are you thinking to yourself, “How in the world can I build my dream life when I can’t even get out the door on time?”

That was me not too long ago.  I kept thinking of my dream life and I couldn’t figure out how I could ever get there.  Then one day I discovered the secret.  Would you like for me to share it with you?  It’s really good!

Okay the secret is:

You have to make the decision to work towards your dreams and goals everyday.

That was kind of anticlimactic wasn’t it?  I mean you know that right?

But are you doing it?  Are you really doing it?  

Are your scheduling at least 30 minutes a day to work on your dreams, your goals, your projects?

Why not?  You will never get where you want to go if you don’t ever start.

So don’t think about it.  Just do it.  Take 30 minutes for you today.  Schedule 30 minutes for tomorrow.  Schedule 30 minutes a day for the rest of the week.

Make the time.  Squeeze it in somewhere.

Because the truth is if you don’t start today.  You probably never will.

What are you scheduling for today?  What are you going to start?

Tell me in the comments below.

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