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My Daily Planner for 2018

I’ve been really struggling to decide which daily planner to use for 2018.  I have a lot of goals and projects I need to plan but the all the planners I’ve tried in the last few years haven’t worked for me.  I haven’t found a planner that lets me keep everything one place while still being portable and small enough to throw in my tote bag and take to work with me while still being large enough that I can also use it as a desk planner.  I’ve tried the Happy Planner, Erin Condren, Reflections Spiral Planners and Goal Planners, other disc bound planners and notebooks, and several ring bound planners.  Nothing has worked and brought me planner peace.  I’ve felt scattered.

But my daughter and I were shopping at Target before Christmas and I found a planner that I fell in love with.  It’s the folio planner by May Designs for Blue Sky.  It’s a traveler’s notebook style planner and close to an A5.  The inserts are 5 x 8 inches.  I think it’s awesome and so did my daughter who will be using it as a student planner for college.  We both bought one to use for our 2018 daily planner.

Features of the Folio Plannerfolio planner may design for blue sky at target

The May Designs Folio Planner features four different types of inserts.  The first set comes with the planner.  It’s the weekly monthly planner insert.  January thru June are in one insert and July thru December are in a second insert.  These inserts feature a monthly dashboard where you can list your monthly goals, celebrations, events, things you don’t want to  forget and misc things each in a separate pink hexagon.  The monthly dashboard is followed by a month at a glance.  The month at a glance features holidays in light pink, a space for notes and a small month before and after for reference.  The month at a glance has enough white space that you could decorate with some stickers and washi tape.  The month at a glance is followed by the weekly pages.  On the right side of the weekly pages each day of the week is listed with a horizontal space to write date specific information.  On the left side of the weekly pages is a bulleted to-do list with a pink background, space to write down calls to make and emails to send, a space to write down errands and a space for notes.  These pages repeat for each month of the year.

The second insert is sold separately as a pack of two notebooks.  The notebooks feature simple lined paper.  With two notebooks in the pack you should have enough pages to see you through the year.  You can always find a use for notebook paper.

The third and fourth inserts are sold as a set.  This pack contains a daily gratitude journal and a lists insert.  The daily gratitude journal features a numbered list as the left side with space to write five things that you are grateful for.  On the right side there is a bulleted list for the day’s priorities and a pink square at the bottom to make note of anything on your mind.  The list insert features a page on the left that is graft paper and a page on the right that is half graft paper and half perforated pink bulleted list.

The daily gratitude journal could be incorporated into your morning routine.  Taking time to list 5 things you are grateful for could be a positive start to your day.  The daily gratitude journal also helps you set your priorities for the day.  If you know which things you need to do first and which things are most important it’s easier to make sure they get done that day.

The list insert could be used in a number of ways.  It could be used for meal planning and making your grocery list.  It could be used to track your habits or workouts.  I’m going to use it to track my weekly time.  I plan to work on certain projects and tasks each week.  I want to keep track of my time to make sure I’m accomplishing what I want to accomplish.  I believe this will help me stop procrastinating and doing busy work and not getting things done.

The covers come in four designs.  I purchased the pink and peach marbled design.  My daughter purchased the solid gray design that says “All The Things.”  There is also a maroon, pink and white marbled design that says “Hustle” and a sold light pink design that says “Plans.”  Each of the insert covers are designed to match the exterior covers, but all of the interior insert pages are the same.  The covers can hold up to four inserts.  You can mix and match to find what works for you.  I suggest buying both the extra notebook set and the gratitude journal and lists set.  If you’ve ever shopped at Target you know that it may not be there when you go back to get it.

Pro’s of the Folio Planner

The price point is great!  The Folio Planner is 19.99 at Target and the extra inserts are 6.99 for a set of two.

The yearly inserts are divided into the first and second halves of the year.  This will cut down on unnecessary bulk in the planner.

The planner is light weight and very portable.  You can throw it into a backpack, tote bag, or purse.

I’m a list maker.  This planner has multiple spaces for lists!

You can add your own booklets if one of the standard ones don’t work for you.  The size is 5 x 8 inches.

The layout is visually appealing and doesn’t feel cluttered.

Everything is in one place.  You don’t need multiple planners.  Just one will do.

You can list your goals.  You goals are much more likely to happen if you review them regularly!

It is a good size and feels good in your hand.  If a planner feels strange I don’t want to touch it or use it.

Con’s of the Folio Planner

The light colors may get dirty easily.  I’m going to keep mine in a zippered pouch to head off this issue when I throw it in my tote bag.  But the vinyl material of the planner cover should also clean easily.

There are only four inserts available at Target.  But you can purchase custom inserts on the May Designs website and the 5 x 8 size should be available from other sources.  And you can always make your own.

Overall thoughts on the Folio Planner

Overall I love, love, love this planner and all of its inserts.  It’s exactly what I’ve been searching for and I didn’t know it.  It has a spot for everything.  It’s an organizer and daily planner in one.  It has a monthly dashboard for monthly goals and other reminders.  It has a place to work on your morning routine.  It has a place where I can track my time.  And it has space to make notes on all the things I think about that I just want to jot down.  I love having all my needs taken care of with one planner.  I hope May Designs and Blue Sky keep this one in the lineup.

Happy Planning in 2018!



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