Did you Know your Actions Lead to Results?


It’s funny how much can change in a short period of time.  I’ve spent the last year writing blog posts with ideas swirling around in my head.  Okay I’m still writing blog posts with ideas swirling around in my head.  But I decided to change what I was doing.  What I was doing day after day was getting me the same results day after day.  Results that I was not happy to get.  Okay those results were nothing.  I was getting nothing.  So I was taking actions but not getting results.  That meant I was either taking the wrong action or something was wrong within the actions I was taking.  I needed to get out of my head and hear other voices.  I needed to find other ways of looking at my problem.  My problem being I was not getting visitors to my website.  And that is a problem because I want to help women lead better lives.  No, not better lives.  I want to help women live extraordinary lives filled with JOY.  Who doesn’t want to live an extraordinary life filled with JOY?  And I can’t help anyone if no one sees what I am writing.  

So what has changed?  I think my intentions have changed.  I now know in my heart what I want to do.  I just have to make a plan and make it happen.  Because Actions Lead to Results.  Without a plan you don’t know what actions you should take and when you should take them.  I’m still not crystal clear on how this will unfold but my roadmap is coming together.  I’m making progress on the road that I’m traveling.  I’m taking action and that is leading to results.




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