How to Evaluate Your Life

How is your life working for you?  Are you tired of living your current life?  Do you have things you want to change in your life?  Do you have things you love in your life?

Find a quiet spot to sit and think about your life.

Four years ago I reached my “Day of Disgust.”  I looked around and couldn’t understand how I had gotten to where I was in life.  The Day of Disgust is an important turning point.  Until you are totally disgusted with your life.  Until you can’t stand to live your current life any longer you won’t change.  Oh you may make little changes here and there but you won’t make any major life altering changes in your life.  When you have reached your “Day of Disgust” you will recognize it.

It’s like waking from a dream.  One day everything is fine and then the next you realize your life is a nightmare of your own making.


What did I do next?  First I had a good cry.  Then I sat down with a yellow legal pad and wrote a list of everything I DID NOT WANT in my life.  I wasn’t sure what I did want but I was certain of what I DID NOT WANT.

In theory this exercise sounds quite easy but in reality it’s quite hard.  How long has it been since you really looked at your life? Really looked at where you are headed?  Do you have a destination or are you stuck on an endless highway to nowhere?  

If this is you I feel your pain.  It sucks to realize your dreams are passing you by and you are a passenger in life not the driver.

Even if you don’t know what you DO want in your life, if you look at want you DON’T want in your life you can start making changes.  

These changes may be really small.  Items on my list included being more positive and setting up a housekeeping schedule.  It also included big things I was worried about.  I wondered what would happen to my children if I died.  What community support would they have?  I’m pretty introverted and being alone does not bother me but my daughter is just the opposite.  She needs support and encouragement from others.  I wanted to make sure that if something happened to me she would have other adults she could talk to and that would help her.  I decided the best way to do that was to join a church.  So that’s what I did.  I narrowed down the churches near us and found one that worked for us.  It was a great decision.  And that’s what you need to do. Figure our what you don’t want or what you are worried about in your life.

I made a list of everything I didn’t want in my life and then I let it sit and marinate for a few days. Then I flipped my DON’T WANT LIST over and made a list of what I DID WANT for each of those items.  I made a list of what I could change.  I made everything that was a negative on the front of the page into a positive on the back of the page.

This is a great place to start.  You may not know what you do want in your life or where you really want to go, but if you can make a list of the pain points in your life and start to make small changes you will feel lighter, you will feel more positive and you will feel you CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.    

 Have you lived your own Day of Disgust?  What did you do about it?  Tell me about it at #HappyHealthyLife.


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