How to Live a Different Life

Do you really want a life that is different from the lives of everyone around you?  Do you want a life that you can love and not just a life that you tolerate?

If you want to live a life that is different from everyone else you must do things that are different from everyone else.

rebeccasroadmap.comIn my case I am a mom who works a full-time job and is building a business on the side.

On Saturday morning I’m not sleeping in or shopping.  I’m writing blog posts and catching up on laundry.  On Sunday I’m not resting and taking it easy.  I’m menu planning, grocery shopping, meal prepping and planning for the new week.  During my breaks at work I’m not playing games on my phone.  I’m researching and learning.  During my lunch hour I’m not chatting with girl friends.  I’m watching webinars and writing blog posts.

I want something different.  I want a different life so I must do different things. Things that everyone else is not doing.  I’m investing my time now for a better future.  It’s kind of like a savings account.  If you put away a little money everyday or in this case put in a little time everyday then all of your effort is compounded into something great down the road.  All of those minutes add up into hours.  Hours you have spent building a different life.  Hours spent building the life you want to live.  

If you want a different life you must invest your time.



I'm a blogger, entrepreneur and lover of good food and indie romance novels. Join me as I create a journey to the life of my dreams.

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