Life is a Journey – Lessons I Learned in 2017

I’m on a journey to change my life.

In 2012 I decided I didn’t like my life so I began a journey to change it.  Like any journey it has had it’s good points and bad.  It’s ups and it’s downs.  Over the years I’ve learned many lessons.  These are my lessons for 2017.


How to Lose Weight

I don’t know about you but weight gain and weight loss have been part of my life, goals and conversations for years.  I kept trying different diets and losing weight, but never enough to really tell and never long term.  I finally found an eating plan that I have pieced together from all of the other eating plans I’ve tried.  I call it my Bare Bones Eating Plan because once I figured out how to lose weight eating this way I found out I have collar bones, wrist bones and even ankle bones.  It’s a very simple plan where I simply eat protein, vegetables and fruit with a small amount of carbohydrates.  I eat gluten free, sugar free, soy free, flour free and corn free.  I eat healthy fats and I stick to my plan.  I don’t snack between meals and I weigh all my food.  If you do the little things that make a difference on a daily basis you can reach your goal even if that’s losing weight.

I have Multiple Blocks

I never really knew I had blocks until I started reading some self health books on healing your life.  It’s amazing what you can subconsciously pick up from your surrounding as you grow up.  I discovered I have emotional blocks, visibility blocks and money blocks.  There may be more.  It’s a topic I’m still exploring.

All about My ArchetypesLife is a Journey - Lessons I Learned in 2017

One of my favorite things I’ve learned this year is that everyone has prevalent archetypes that work in our lives.  Once I determined what mine where and in what areas they were working in my life it really opened my eyes to my true nature.  If you can learn about yourself and how to be your best self your life will be much happier.

The archetype that guides my communication with my peers and siblings is the Addict.  It was funny when I learned that because most of my conversations with people are around the topic of addiction.  I also learned I have the Hermit archetype.  This archetype guides the house that contains my sense of adventure and travel and my spirituality.  This definitely fits my personality.  And the archetype of my highest potential is the Seeker.  That definitely fits as I have been on a journey seeking wisdom and truth for much of my life.

One thing I found after determining the archetypes of my daughter, mother, husband and grandmother is that some archetypes run in the family.  My mother and I shared many of the same and some of them were even in the same houses of influence.  My grandmother, mother and I shared a few of the same.  My daughter shared some archetypes with me and some with my husband.  I think it might be fun to do an archetypal family tree.  But that’s a project for another day.

Giving is more Fun than Receiving

Most of my family are generous givers.  I never understood why.  One of my archetypes is the Miser.  I’m miserly with my emotions and my money.  Since learning about my archetypes I’ve been consciously working toward being more giving of my time, emotions and money.  It’s been quite rewarding.  I’m cultivating a spirit of generosity.  It’s been quite fun and something I will continue to work on in 2018.

One Win Brings you Closer to Reaching Many Goals.

This is the most important lesson I learned in 2017.  Once you have a breakthrough, once you are able to reach one goal the ability to reach other goals becomes much easier.  Reaching a goal gives you confidence to go after other goals.  It gives you the motivation to continue to succeed.  It can propel you towards success.  Those small daily wins compound.  They add up to success and a goal reached over the long run.

Track your Lessons Learned.

Until I sat down to think about it, I didn’t realize what good life lessons I learned over the course of 2017.  I will make it a habit to celebrate and appreciate the lessons each year brings me from now on.

What life lessons did you learn in 2017?

Once you have thought and considered what you learned in 2017 let me know your biggest lesson in the comments below or on YouTube.

Thank you for participating in my journey.  I’m wishing you a prosperous and abundant 2018.



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