Set Your Goals – Start 2018 Off Right!

What are your Goals for 2018?

This year I’m posting my goals publicly to help hold myself accountable.  I’ve fallen off the goal achieving wagon too many times.  It’s my intention to post monthly goals updates here on my blog.  I have great ideas and plans, but poor follow through.  I always get distracted by shiny object syndrome and forget what I previously decided I wanted to do.  So I’m putting together a new goal setting and achieving system of activities.  Part of that system is my blog posts.  I’m starting off today with the first post to tell you what my goals are for 2018.  I’m going to try and keep it simple and not overwhelm myself by trying to do too much.

The other parts of my system are my Goal Setting Workbook and my Daily Folio Planner.  I will be filming weekly Action Plan with Me videos so you can see how I’m using my system and how I’m achieving my goals.

This year I’m basing my goal setting on Florence Scovel Shinn’s “The Square of Life.”  The Square of Life includes Health, Wealth, Love and Self-Expression.  With these things in your life, your life is complete. For 2018 I wanted to make sure I have goals in each of these areas.

My Goals for 2018:set your goals what are your goals?


I will easily continue my healthy eating plan and lose the final pounds until I am at my ideal weight by December 31st, 2018.

I have been refining my eating plan and working towards weight loss since 2012.  I have finally found what works for me and as of the time of this writing I have lost 43 pounds and kept it off.  My target is to lose 35 additional pounds and then see if I want to lose any additional weight.

I will accomplish this by:

Weighing my food at every meal.

Not snacking between meals.

Not tasting while I’m cooking.

Not eating sugar, flour, gluten, corn or soy.

Weighing myself weekly.

I will easily optimize my health throughout 2018.

I am currently working with my doctor to optimize my health.  Genetic testing, blood work and family history have shown that I have a predisposition to heart disease and addiction.  I want to do my best to live a long and healthy life.  Treating my body well and doing everything I can to have my body perform optimally is my best chance at beating my genetics.

I will accomplish this by:

Completing my Optimize Your Health Goal Setting Workbook and tracking my efforts and results. (This is a product I’m working on.  It’s not complete yet!)

Having regular labs drawn by my doctor.

Taking the supplements recommended by my doctor.

Exercising for at least 15 minutes three times a week with an increased heart rate.

Reading 12 health and nutrition related books by December 31st, 2018.


I will easily create a income of 15,000 per month by December 31st, 2018.

I have been doing a lot of work on improving my abundance mentality and on decreasing my money blocks.  If wealth is really just energy in the physical form I want to create my piece of the pie.  You really don’t know if you can do something until you try it, so why not try it?

I will accomplish this by:

Creating and launching three products on

Creating valuable content in the form of videos on YouTube for RebeccasRoadmap at least two times each week for a total of 100 videos by December 31st, 2018.

Creating valuable content in the form of at least 1 blog post on each week for a total of 50 blog posts by December 31st, 2018.

Emailing my email list at least once a week for a total of 50 emails by December 31st, 2018.

Reading 12 business and personal development related books by December 31st, 2018.

I will easily create an abundance of wealth in my life to share with my friends, family and the world.

I have found over the last year that giving can be much more fun than receiving.  I want to make sure I include giving in my life plan for 2018.

I will accomplish this by:

Sending donations to organizations such as Feeding America, Kiva, Room to Read, Permaculture Institute and Sadhana Forest.  I also want to have extra money so that I can help a friend, family or community member who is in need.

I will easily be productive and accomplish my goals by December 31st, 2018.

I am a terrible procrastinator.  I have good intentions.  I have lots of goals.  But I usually reach the end of the year and don’t accomplish what I have set out to accomplish.

I will accomplish this by:

Tracking whether or not I have worked on my business every day by marking an X on my wall calendar.

Tracking my working hours by project and or task in my daily folio planner, so I can make sure I am working on everything I need to work on.


I will easily be generous with my family and overcome my miserly tendencies by December 31st, 2018.

Working through my archetypes and blocks in 2018 has taught me that I can be miserly with my emotions and affection.  I want to make an effort to break out of these bad habits.

I will accomplish this by:

Lending an ear when my family needs to talk.

Spending time with my family when they are home.

Having monthly dates with my husband.

Having quarterly excursions with my husband.


I will easily produce written and visual content for myself and to share with the world by December 31st, 2018.

I have learned that to be human means that we need to create.  I want to make sure I keep my creative juices flowing by trying new techniques and supplies, and being exposed to new ideas.

I will accomplish this by:

Completing at least one visual journal lesson per month from Tamara LaPorte’s Life Book 2018 class for a total of 12 art journal pages.  (The link I have provided is an affiliate link.)  Every week she has new lessons by a variety of instructors using a variety of supplies.  I can’t wait to get my hand dirty!

Playing with stickers and washi tape on a weekly basis.  This makes my inner child Happy!  Sometimes it’s the little things that make life worth while.


Now that you’ve heard all about my goals it’s time to set your goals.

Sit down and really think about what you want to accomplish in 2018.  What will make your life better?  What areas of your life are you struggling with?  Make those things a priority!  What do you want to think, feel and do in 2018?  Sit down and start brainstorming.

Don’t get bogged down with setting a long list of goals.  If you’re new at this just start with a few.  Maybe four.  That will give you one goal you can concentrate on for each quarter of the year.  You can make one for each Square of Life:  Health, Wealth, Love and Self Expression.  Having one goal in each of those areas will make sure your goals are well rounded and cover all of the parts of your life.

And no matter what happens don’t beat yourself up if you fall off track.  Just start again where you are.  Bad progress is better than no progress.  Keep moving forward.

If you want to post your goals publicly feel free to leave a comment below or on YouTube.  Let us all know what you want to accomplish in 2018.

Thanks for sharing my journey,



If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start maybe you can start where I did.  I started my goal setting process a few years ago when I watched Stephen James’ Goal Setting Workshop.  It’s an older video but still great content.  See below.






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