Whoops! Sorry! My Life Went Off the Rails.

Do you have times when you are trucking along, life’s going great and then wham!  Life explodes in your face?  I’ve had several of those times in the last couple of months.  

My husband had two surgeries in 4 weeks.  It stresses me out when my people are stressed out.  Watching him deal with the pain made me exhausted.  Then he was barely recovered and had to leave on a business trip.  My daughter was gone the same week.  So I should have had a nice quiet time all by myself.  Did that happen?  Of course not!

Let me tell you my tale.  

It all started when my daughter brought home a stray cat.  It had kittens.  The same day the kittens were born one of our goats gave birth to twins.  The mom decided not to feed one of them so we had to bottle feed her.  The next week baby chicks started to hatch.  The next week my husband had his first surgery.  The next week my sweet son asked if we would take the Lab puppy his girlfriend gave him.  He lives in an apartment.  What were we supposed to say?  So we inherited a puppy.  It’s very much like having a newborn.  

Then my husband went to the doctor for a post surgery follow up only to find out he needed a second surgery. He and my daughter both left on trips three days after his surgery.  And no he wasn’t recovered but he mostly just had to play chaperon for a highschooler.  He’s a teacher.

That left me with basically 14 newborns to care for by myself.  10 baby chicks, 3 kittens, 1 puppy and 1 goat.  My mom was out of town too or she would have helped.  Did I mention I sliced my index finger open and almost had to have stitches?

By the time my husband and daughter returned I was exhausted.  It took me two weeks to recover.  I finally feel like myself again.  So I have said all that to say this:  Sometimes your life will go off the rails.  Sometimes you will feel totally out of control.  It’s okay.  It really is.  The events will pass.  You will get back to normalish.  And you will continue on your journey.  You just have to hang on until your help gets there or the event passes.  If they don’t know you need help then you need to call them.  Your situation probably isn’t forever.  Your train will get back on track.  You will continue on.  You will make it through.

And when you do hopefully you can do like I did and laugh and congratulate myself for making it through such a crazy time.  High Five!  You deserve it.


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