Your Perfect Day

What would be your perfect day?  I’m not talking about a special day just an ordinary average everyday kind of day.  Have you ever thought about that?

If you could wake up in the morning and do anything you want to do, what would that be?  What would you do next?  When would you take a break?  What would that look like?  What would you do next?  What about lunch?  What is your everyday dream lunch?  What does that look like?  What about your afternoon?  What about dinner?  What about your evening?  What about bedtime?  How would you feel as you lay your head down on the pillow that night?  What would you feel grateful for having in your life?

Have you sat down and thought about that?

I want you to sit down and write all of this down.  I want for you to write down your perfect average everyday day.  I want for you to have that picture in your mind.  That picture of the life you are yearning to live.  The life that contains the things that are really important to you.

If you don’t know what you want in your life you will never have it.

Get a piece of paper and start with “I woke up this morning and…..”.

Then continue through your day until you get to “I laid my head down on my pillow and …..”.

Try it.  It’s an interesting exercise.  

I think we are so busy rushing through our days that we don’t ever stop to think if what we are doing is the best use of our days, the best use of our time.  If what we are doing will make us happy or if we are little hamsters suck on a wheel and don’t know how to get off.




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